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Planters Perfect is the leading manufacturer of custom commercial grade planters in North America. Based just out of Vancouver BC, we take incredible pride in our hand finished products, from our large modern rectangle planters to our hand spun vessel pots, every detail matters. With the finest aluminum, best powder coating, and highest quality standards in the industry, choose Planters Perfect to be your metal planter pot suppliers and manufacturer. Canadian craft quality, enjoyed everywhere.

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By using the plants natural capillary action and allowing the plants to feed themselves you gain bigger, stronger and longer lasting plants. Perfect for all types of planters, both indoor & outdoor, flower beds, window boxes and hanging baskets.

An environmentally friendly product:
100% water efficient and made from recycled material in the UK.
There are eight sizes of Ollie Plant Sipper available, each tank can be simply installed at the bottom of the planter where it will act as a reservoir and feed the plant as and when required. the plant will only take on the water it requires and in optimum conditions will require refilling every six weeks.
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Plant sipper
plant sipper

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